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For our students, Science and STEM go hand in hand. While the students are learning about the seasons or land formation in Science class, they are coming to STEM ready to make their own science experiments to learn first hand how weather works and make land formations that change overtime. They get to make smaller versions of what we see in the world so they can see it happen at their desks!

Almost everything we do in STEM requires us to use all different types of technology and programs. The technology we use helps assist us in the design process or the testing process of our designs. 

We work on coding, 3d designing, computer applications, as well as small hand tools to complete our tasks in the STEM lab.

Students go through the engineering process with every project or design they make. 
They need to make a plan, use certain materials, create a blueprint complete with labels of all different materials from the type of object used to the spots they put glue or tape on. They then get the chance to test out their design and make changes if necessary before a final test. Then they evaluate how their design performed.

Students use all different types of mathematics in STEM class every day. It may be counting out their materials, measuring, or weighing their designs. Math is a vital part of STEM learning as well  as the design and engineering process. With out the use of math skills there would be no platform for the design process.

STEM Highlights

In STEM our students are given the ability to put their knowledge and creativity together to build items relating to science and nature among other possibilities. They go through their own design process with assistance from their teachers and staff to work out a plan that works together with the unit they are learning about.

Students get to advance their learning while having fun. They do projects to see with their own eyes what types of materials work and don't work as well as how different ways of constructing  items changes the stability and design of their structures.


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